Shipping & Delivery

We fully comply with the regulations of each destination and make our dog's well-being the number one priority at all times. Our dogs get food and water during their travel and their crates are cleaned in an animal holding facility. They travel in a climate controlled room on the airplane, which insures that they are effected by the journey as little as possible.

French Bulldogs are amazing dogs and have special travel requirements. Our dedicated travel team will work with us to schedule the best accommodations for your puppy's needs.

Are you in Another State? Your puppy will fly by plane.

We have 2 options to deliver pups:

1. Cargo- we use only AAA+ companies to deliver your pup to you.

2. Courier- our puppy Chaperon ( Nanny) will deliver the puppy to your hands and directly to your home address.

Are you close to us? your puppy will come by car.

We understand air travel can be scary for first time fliers, whether they walk on two legs or four! Not only is it safe for dogs to travel this way, but it's one of the fastest and most reliable ways to get your puppy home.

We will confirm your puppy flight a couple of hours before his or her scheduled flight, We will make sure your puppy arrives safe, healthy and as quickly as possible.

All our puppies have special accommodations when traveling since we have a puppy Chaperone that accompanies the puppy and will hand deliver to you at the airport or directly to your house.

We have two Packages!

1. Airport Delivery:

Our Nanny will hand deliver your puppy to an airport near you at the Terminal. She accompanies your puppy in the cabin of the plane. The Puppy nanny will personally greet you at the airport to deliver your healthy puppy directly to you including all papers and health Certificate.

2. VIP Delivery:

Nanny travels with your puppy from our home straight to your front door. Front door delivery with your puppy’s personal belongings and all documents.

What we do before having your puppy shipped.

We chose JetBlue, AirTran, Frontier Airlines and Pet Airways as the most pet-friendly airlines.

A certificate from a veterinarian deeming the pet healthy.

Pet tickets purchased along with the passenger ticket for our Nanny since all our puppies travel as an accompanied pet, providing a bag of food for our nanny to feed him or her during delivery.

Your puppy is checked on by nanny every 30 minutes during the flight.

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